Business culture is the driving force within the walls of an organisation. Every business has a culture, however there are some that harness this better than others. A recent report from McKinsey’s highlights the value of aligned business partnerships. 92% of McKinsey’s Post Merger Integration Conference Survey respondents stated that their deals would have substantially benefitted from a greater cultural understanding prior to the merger. 70% percent agreed that there is too little focus on culture during integration.

A common assumption made by top executives CEO’s is that another company is “just like us” because they get along well in a business deal. This frequently leads to a cultural analysis being overlooked. According to the McKinsey’s report, the issue of misaligned culture comes down to two fundamental problems; true understanding and acknowledgement of the differences in culture, and not providing the right level or style of leadership to address them.

Culture needs to be at the very core of an organisation, radiating from the inside out, across all of the company’s relationships, both internally and externally. Management need to be aware of their core values and have these engrained within the organisation. Investing in culture has allowed Cohort and their partners to prosper in many long and successful partnerships. Just as the McKinsey study would suggest, Cohort’s relationships with culturally aligned clients tend to last and flourish most.

“Cohort’s culture is built on care. We have always said that our business stands on four pillars: staff, clients, partners and consumers. If you stop caring about any of those, the business will start losing balance. If you stop caring about two or more, then you don’t have a business”

Malcolm Treanor, COO, Cohort Global

“Cohort and Easy Meals’ relationship has been a match made in heaven. I can see our businesses working together for a very long time and I would recommend them to any business.”

Drew Edwards, Easy Meals Director

“Importantly, you’ve got to live and breathe it every day. It’s not a badge of convenience that is worn when it suits and we see that reflected in the success of our most important partnerships.”

Marcelo Ulvert, CEO, Cohort Global