New data from a Pureprofile survey uncovers some insights around Valentine’s Day:

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

– 53% of Australians have no interest in Valentine’s Day while 47% will be celebrating – similar for Males (27%) and females (31%)
– Almost ⅓ (29% will be celebrating with their other half)
– 6% are only celebrating to please their other half
– More Males will be surprising someone on Valentines Day (8%) versus 3% of Females
– More Males are celebrating to make the other half happy (9%) versus 3% on females)
– More females will be celebrating with their family/friends (9%) versus 4% Males.
– Older generation 55+ more likely to have no interest (73%+) than younger generation (36% of 18-34ys)

Ideal Valentine’s Day Gift

Most popular gifts in order:

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